Fit Out Design M

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    Advertising Agency

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    Molave Bldg., Makati City

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“I would like to inform you in advance that we are very pleased with your team’s professionalism and attentiveness to all our needs. Your team has been very patient and we definitely enjoyed working with all of them. Rest assured we will consider your team for all our projects that we will have in the future.”

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Fit Out Design M

Fit out Design M gives a fresh new approach to the concept of industrial interior designing. Within a 450 square meter available area, Ellcad was able to design a relaxing working environment for a job that needs constant production of creative ideas. Design M is highly recommended for creative companies like advertising agencies.


Color Scheme

Design M is largely dominated by the neutral color of wood and earth-toned colors of dark brown, brick brown, and white. Colors of bright yellow, red, and green would pop from time to time as color accents.


The neutral color of wood is the foundation of industrial design and it is often accompanied by metal elements.  The colors of brown often represents stability and security which can evoke trust from the company’s clients.


Aside from brightening the place, the white color influences a feeling of freshness among employees and may help in their creativity. The color of green helps alleviate stress, the color of yellow provokes happiness, and red sometimes represents communication. These colors do not only provide aesthetic qualities to the space, but they also help employees to be more productive.



The furniture featured in Design M are mostly customized as requested by clients. The lobby showcases a laminated reception counter with a unique design, two 3-seater sofas, an accent chair, two side tables, and industrial-style lighting.


The conference room has a freestanding laminated conference table that can accommodate a maximum of 16 highback chairs with cross-based legs. The general work area offers a breathable working space, with low partition systems with white surface, accompanied by clerical chairs and mobile pedestals. The huddle area features a floor-to-ceiling chalkboard, a freestanding, laminated conference table, and stackable chairs. The meeting rooms are made comfortable with a customized seating ledge attached to the wall, and a freestanding table with laminated surface and aluminum legs.


Design M is a creative output that resulted from the effective collaboration of the clients and Ellcad, an effective fit out contractor in the Philippines.

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