4 Tech Companies with Cool Office Designs

by Jane Espinase | October 11, 2019

Fun Office Design - Ellcad Premiere

Gone is the era of the stereotypical office setup where employees are separated by cubicles and the walls are dominated by dull, plain gray walls: the era of welcoming, warm, and fun workplaces with cool office designs have come. With young entrepreneurs and visionaries entering the business industry—whether as company owners or office layout designers—revolutionary office ideas have entered the playing field as well. Most offices now have games in the employee breakroom or lounge, have replaced cubicle partitions with open office concept, or have incorporated natural lighting and bright colors into the rooms.


If you are interested in remodeling an old-fashioned office or are planning to build a new one in line with the said office trend mentioned above, here are some inspiration from tech companies with cool office designs!


#1 Google


Image source: https://www.fastcompany.com/undefined/undefined


By now everyone knows about Google’s non-traditional office designs—from the very famous red slide in their New York City branch to the giant nest in their Pittsburgh branch. Though Google’s office designs look crazy to some, one cannot hide the fact of how their working spaces are a happy employee’s dream. The absence of a monotonous, serious office ambiance filled with keeps the employees’ spirits’ stress-free, inspiring them to love the workspace and the work itself.


#2 Apple


Image source: https://www.instagram.com/mnans_1984/?utm_source=ig_embed


The state-of-the-art design of the Apple Tech Campus (a.k.a. Apple Park) in California held the world’s breath when Apple employees started uploading photos of the interior of the then newly-opened building. While Google’s offices are cool because they look fun, Apple’s was cool because it is extraordinary to behold. For one, the whole building is a large ring with glass windows and open-below floor plans. The work area also looked like a large cafeteria with long tables and benches instead of cubicles and clerical chairs, allowing techs and creatives to brainstorm on new innovations as a group more efficiently.


#3 Microsoft


Image source: https://news.microsoft.com/life/new-microsoft-offices-boast-ultramodern-design-stunning-views/


Microsoft is one of those companies that try to provide different types of workspace for different types of employees. For example, the Microsoft Headquarters in Vancouver have open-style workspaces for those who’d like to work without office partition panels, coffee tables for those who prefer to work in a homey environment, and a closed work station for those who prefer to work alone in the quiet. Building a workspace according to the different preferences of different employees makes this cool office design even cooler.


#4 Squarespace

Image source: https://www.themuse.com/profiles/squarespace


Squarespace offices are as stunning as their website templates. The interior design of their office in New York City alone is a sight to behold. They have a sleek, contemporary yet warm and cozy workspace with comfortable couches and pillows. But the coolest part of their office is their cafeteria, where a buffet of free food and snacks lay waiting for the employees. Squarespace’s cool office designs also have a balcony overlooking the city view, as well as shelves with books for when employees need resources and inspiration.


Bonus: Buzzfeed


Image source: https://www.archdaily.com/484812/buzzfeed-la-office-jidk/531f5f23c07a806cd90003c3-buzzfeed-la-office-jidk-photo


Though not technically a tech company, Buzzfeed had more than just dabbled in the field of technology over the past few years. From a simple blogging company, they have conquered other parts of the digital world such as YouTube and more. They may not be app developers, web designers, or inventors, but they do give contributions to the technology industry through their tech articles and video game reviews. Additionally, their cool office design is too great not to be mentioned. Their Los Angeles Headquarters’ design, though dominated by the open office concept, do make use of the benefits of having glass office partitions. With glass partitions, Buzzfeed is able to provide teams with a private space for meetings and brainstorming without completely secluding the team members from other employees, keeping transparency among employees within the workplace.


Inspired by cool office designs of these international tech companies? Would you like assistance in building and designing an office as amazing and as employee-friendly as these? You can always rely on Ellcad’s assistance as an interior fit-out contractor for offices in the Philippines! Feel free to browse through our project gallery!

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