Our Six-Stage Logistics Process that Outlines the Key Stages of How We Will Work With You.

One-Stop Fit Out Construction Company


Site Inspection

This is a crucial part in the pre-construction phase. Inspecting your site ensures that the location is suitable for fit-out and furniture works. Besides conducting the Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT) analysis, other activities for this stage include evaluating the terrain, the surrounding environment, and the weather in the area.


Space Planning
And Design

In this process, we will give you insights and suggestions for the interior design and space planning.


Cost Estimate

When the design is finalized, we will give you an estimate of the quantity and the cost of materials, equipment, and manpower that will be used. Contracts and schedules are also deliberated at this point.


Processing Of
Necessary Permits

General building permits and necessary authorization and certification in the area are processed and issued to guarantee a free-flowing construction.


Project Implementation

This is the stage where architectural, mechanical, electrical, cabling, plumbing, and fire safety works are accomplished.


Project Turnover

This is the first stage of post-construction process where the construction team transfers the project to the operations and maintenance team to wrap up the work and make the building ready for occupant use.


Occupancy Permits

Final documents and permits are managed, followed by testing and commission for ownership.

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