Benefits of Having Glass Office Partitions

by Jane Espinase | March 8, 2019

Benefits of Having Glass Office Partitions - Ellcad Premiere Construction Corporation

A modern and practical solution, using glass office partitions to divide areas and create various spaces in the office is becoming more and more popular in many companies not only in the Philippines, but also in other countries worldwide. Despite that, office partition panels made out of glass present various concerns to both employees and employers including having less privacy and distractions from passersby.


Nonetheless, the use of glass office partitions provide many undisputable advantages. Without any further ado, here are some of the benefits of having glass office partitions!


Improved lighting

Lack of natural light in the workplace undoubtedly is the biggest drawback many companies need to avoid. Natural lighting ensures maintaining high workplace energy and healthy wellbeing of their employees. However, poor floor planning sometimes lead to office rooms that do not have any windows, therefore, not allowing any natural light to enter the room.


Having glass office partitions is a great solution for office rooms without windows to receive some natural light especially if they are positioned near windows. Moreover, it is easier to change and correct the room layouts with glass partitions instead of having solid walls.


Improved acoustics

Open office plans offered various benefits. With an open office, you do not have to buy office partition panels or build walls. You also do not have to roam around the office to supervise on your employees because they are already working out in the open. Additionally, it also conserves office space and offers an interactive environment with an aim for increased productivity. However, one of its biggest downsides is producing too much noise.


A great solution to this problem is to use glass office partitions to divide an open office plan. A glass office essentially offers the same things an open office plan offers, except without the excessive noise.


Although Robert Lee, the president of Robert A. Hansen Associates, New York acoustical consultants, says that glass walls allow 50% to 100% more noise to pass through compared to soundproofed drywall in an article by The Wall Street Journal, a glass office still provides better acoustics and less noise compared to an open office plan.


Improved productivity

There are questions about whether having glass office partitions are surely helpful in improving the productivity of employees, and they are reasonable. After all, having a glass office easily lets passerby see whoever are inside the rooms or meeting halls, and know what they are doing. This may be very uncomfortable to some employees as they will feel like they are constantly being watched. It will also be hard for superiors to reprimand their juniors privately. Moreover, employees are also prone to being distracted by someone or something outside their rooms, and lose focus on their work.


However, along with the benefits of improved lighting and acoustics from using glass office partitions, come the benefit of improved productivity as well. In a study by Dr. Alan Hedge of Cornell University, it was found that the right amount of natural light can decrease eyestrain among employees by 51%, drowsiness by 56%, and headaches by 63%. Additionally, the same study also showed that workers sitting close to windows that are capable of controlling daylight reported a 2% increase in productivity.


David M. Sykes in his study Productivity: How Acoustics Affect Workers’ Performance in Officers & Open Areas also showed that the biggest cause of lost productivity in open workplaces is conversational distractions. However, glass office partitions can help eliminate or lessen it.


On the issue of privacy, there are frosted glass partitions that do a good job of “censoring” whatever and whoever are inside the rooms without sacrificing its job of providing more natural light and better acoustics.



When planning the interior design of your office with a construction company in the Philippines, you should not only focus on the current needs and state of your company. It is also important to keep in mind the possibility of your company to expand in the future. Sure, you can simply relocate to a larger office if the company starts demanding for a bigger space, however, the cost of expansion is high and the inconvenience of moving might be huge.


Using glass office partitions instead of having traditional walls provide flexible solutions if any rearrangement is necessary in the layout of the office. Not only is demounting and moving a glass office partitioning easier than tearing down a wall, but it also does not require additional costs except for the compensation of glass office partitioning movers. This flexibility gives you freedom to change layouts as often as you need to without worrying too much about the cost.


Aesthetically pleasing

No matter what kind of interior design style you wish to have for your office, having glass office partitions will surely add an air of sophistication to it. It can provide a more modern appearance to your office and make it look more appealing to your employees, clients, and other guests.


You should take advantage of various glass partitions treatments such as frosting and etching and match it with your office interior design.



Last but definitely not the least, having glass office partitioning instead of walls are not only beneficial for the performance of the employees but also for the costs of the company. A glass office can effectively lessen the need for artificial lighting particularly during the day, which then helps the company to cut down on electricity costs. Furthermore, less or minimal power consumption also positive impacts the environment.


Are you worried about not finding any good quality glass office partitions? You have many choices from several construction companies and fit out contractors like Ellcad that offer different office partitions in the Philippines including glass office partitions!


Transform your traditional office to a glass office and reap the benefits of having glass office partitions!

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