Ellcad’s Back to School Outreach Program

by Jane Espinase | July 1, 2019

Ellcad Back to School Outreach Program

Ellcad believes that those who are capable of helping others should do so. That is why the reliable Construction Company in the Philippines, along with 3J Foundation, extends its corporate responsibilities to different parts of the country by holding an annual Back to School outreach program.


Held every May, the outreach program started as a simple donation to the young victims of the Typhoon Yolanda in Tacloban, Leyte. However, the joy of giving encouraged Ellcad founder Ms. Ellen Bantiling to start celebrating her birth month by visiting grade school pupils from different provinces (where some Ellcad staff hailed from) to give them bags filled with school supplies.


Ellcad Outreach Program


For this year 2019, Ellcad was able to distribute 5,000 bags to grade school pupils from six different provinces of Leyte, Ilo-Ilo, Camarines Sur, Romblon, Cavite, and Benguet.


The Back to School outreach program officially starts every December with the “My Dream in a Shoebox” program which aims to collect 3,000 to 5,000 “school supplies in a shoebox” donations from willing sponsors. By January of next year, 3J Foundation starts its production of bags, followed by the packing of school supplies from February to March. After each bag is filled with school supplies, they will then be shipped to the selected provinces by April.


The distribution of bags are usually held on schools, small chapels, parish churches, or whichever space is big enough to fit all the grade school pupils. The selected provinces often hold a short program before the actual distribution of bags to entertain the kids as well.


Ellcad Outreach Program


Since its inception, approximately 15,000 kids have already received a bag from the said outreach program, and for as long as Ellcad and 3J Foundation are able to collect school supplies and produce bags, more grade school pupils shall receive bags filled with school supplies every May.

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