Ellcad Premiere Completes New Office Building

by Jane Espinase | March 5, 2020

ellcad 2

Started out as a small-scale company supplying customized office furniture to different companies and business centers, its quality services and capabilities have transformed them into a well-known and trustworthy enterprise today: Ellcad Premiere.


Ellcad Premiere Construction Corporation has been developing everyone’s dream interiors for their spaces since 2002. Our goal is to assure that each client will be provided with outstanding, quality fit-out products and reliable construction services for new offices or renovated spaces to prove higher productivity and efficiency within the workplace as well as its clients and employees. From your pre-construction needs, site inspection, interior design plans and construction activities to post-construction, we have it all covered for your space for a fuss-free, efficient, and convenient process. We can ensure that your space will be provided with exclusive high-quality materials, smart-space planning, and creative interior design.


Since we have consistently strived for growth and excellence for the past few years, and believe that innovation is always part of any successful business strategy, we proudly present Ellcad Premiere’s new office building. The project on the new Ellcad Premiere Construction Corp. building is located in 3J Center – Promenade South, Salawag, Dasmarinas 4114 Cavite.


This project has been in the works for a year. Our new home aims to revitalize our spaces by making a positive contribution to the site and our employee’s surroundings. Proudly developed by Ellcad’s designers and have melded their distinctive way of interior design, our spaces are developed to complement Ellcad Premiere’s environment. It features spaces that are flexible enough to accommodate the innovating nature of the company.


We have unveiled images for the office building in Cavite. We have been looking forward to the completion of the building, to be turned over this 2020, as this will provide our employees and clients with a more productive, fresh, environment to enhance productivity.


ellcad 1


As seen in one of the images of our exterior view, the entire volume will present a luxurious and sleek exterior with a distinctive extraneous facade to emphasize the effective structural grid and gives that building a unified, industrial look.



Classy and neat is a primary goal and aesthetic for this new building, as seen in the interiors in the different office workplaces. We required our new spaces to be open and flexible and will respond to the modern and contemporary needs of today’s organizations. In addition, we also want to focus on aspects that provide our clients and employees an attractive place to work and promote collaboration and wellbeing.


We take pride and proudly present this new chapter for our company. The Ellcad Premiere Construction Corporation epitomizes its time: an era of functionality and innovation.

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