Types of Office Chairs and their Differences

by Jane Espinase | August 7, 2019

Types of Office Chairs and their Differences - Ellcad

Sitting is a relaxed position but when you do it for too long, it could also feel uncomfortable. With the usual 9-5 office hours, office employees are among the people who have to spend most of their weekdays sitting in front of their desks. This could result to neck and back pains a s well as other related issues. To avoid such problems, it is important for companies to provide their employees with not just comfortable but healthy office chairs.


Fortunately, there are various types of office chairs for you to choose from! Would you like office chairs that offer great back support? Or are you prioritizing mobility? Before finalizing your office interior design with your fit out contractor in the Philippines, you should do your research first! Here is a guide on the various types of office chairs and their differences.


Big and Tall Chairs

Not all office chairs have the same sizes and therefore, cannot be used by everyone. Rated for over 250 lbs., big and tall chairs are capable of supporting users that are up to six feet and six inches tall. They are made of studier materials with extra thickness to ensure a safe and long-lasting use.


Petite Chairs

Of course, there are office chairs designed for physically smaller people as well. Called petite chairs, these office chairs are constructed from thinner materials and are designed to be smaller and lighter to best address the ergonomic needs of petite individuals in the office.


Clerical chairs

Ideal for a variety of office environments, clerical chairs, which can also be called task chairs, has a simple design but is capable of providing ample back support. They also often feature some ergonomic adjustments like a reclining backrest or height adjustments to ensure customizable comfort for the user. Moreover, clerical chairs also allow smooth movement around the office through its five-star base with rolling casters.


Conference Chairs

As the name implies, conference chairs are office chairs designed and best for use in conference rooms. They are designed to be slightly forward leaning which encourages users to stay engaged in meetings and discussions. However, the disadvantage in that is they have inferior support on the lower back which would make them a poor choice for day-to-day long-term use.


Executive Chairs

Exuding importance and prestige, executive chairs are commonly used by those in higher positions but not limited to them. They are purposely designed to look impressive to enhance the look of any workspace. Moreover, executive chairs are also one of the most comfortable type of office chairs, usually offering cushioned seats, comfortably padded armrests, and a full range of ergonomic features. That said, executive chairs are also among the most expensive office chairs.


Kneeling Chairs

Although they are not widely used in offices, kneeling chairs offer some of the best features you can find in office chairs. Instead of positioning the user’s thighs at the normal 90 degree angle, kneeling chairs provide a 60° to 70° angle which reduces lower back strain, and improves posture and blood circulation.


Stackable Chairs

Lightweight, portable, and cheap—stackable chairs are great chair options for temporary and quick purposes, and not for day-to-day use of office employees. They are suitable for office guests, company events, and even for the office cafeteria.



Typically having no back rest, stools are not among the most comfortable office chairs. However, they are considered to be best in terms of high mobility and short-term use. Often used in fast-paced environments like the doctor or nurse’s office, stools allow users to easily switch between sitting and standing.


Your choices for office chairs do not end just yet. There are also plenty of office chair materials and frames to choose from! You could have mesh chairs with nylon frame, or leather chairs with wood frame. It is up to you!


Hopefully, this guide of office chair types help you choose the best office chairs for your employees. It may also help to consult with your employees about their preferred office chairs.

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