Welcome back investors!

by Eliza Maquirang | August 4, 2022

Welcome back investors!

It was at the height of pandemic when we heard several news about big companies shutting down, thousands of people getting unemployed and investors wishing to pull out business plans…. it was indeed a sad and somewhat scary news for all of us, because the question that we ask ourselves is “what’s next?”


Then we wake up and it’s 2022, new administration and a new battle to face head strong, little by little we tell ourselves that we cannot turn back time, pandemic happened and we need to move forward.


And that is what Ellcad did, we told ourselves to start from scratch, to work even if we don’t know exactly what will happen next.


Today, we are very proud to be the contractor of these foreign investors— chinese and european, utmost thanks for the trust.


Slowly getting back at our feet, and we will finish this strong!


Welcome back investors!

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