How to Create a Remarkable Office Reception Design

by Jane Espinase | January 4, 2019

office reception area desk

Although one should know better than to completely judge someone based on their first impression, it is hard to deny that they definitely matter most especially for professional settings and business relationships because they usually showcase the level of confidence a person or entity has. That being said, the reception area, which is what the visitors first see as well as where they would stay while they wait for their transactions, is considered one of the most important part of every office. Since it plays an integral role of being the face of every company, it is necessary to put an effort in having an impressive office reception design.


For companies that need help in designing their reception areas, here are some tips you should read to create a remarkable reception design for your offices.


Provide comfortable seats

A reception area serves as an introduction for the company, but at the same time, one of its main purpose is to provide seats to visitors while they wait for their appointment. In order to create a great first impression and to set the mood of the visitors as they wait, it is best to provide comfortable seats at the reception area. Try to choose a chair with a bit of cushion and put a variety of chairs such as couches and high stools to let visitors choose which seat would be more comfortable for them.


Of course, do not forget to check if the seats stain quickly or are they easy to clean.  There should also be enough number of chairs for the visitors that visit the office every day to ensure that no one will be left standing.


For a meticulous planning, it might be beneficial to ask an employee or an outsider to have a feel of the chairs you are planning to get for your reception area.


Choose a theme wisely

Usually, the theme of the reception area will mostly like be same to the theme of the rest of the office. However, it is possible do variations on different areas. Try to choose a theme wisely for the reception area. If the area is situated on an area with lots of natural light flowing in, it would be best to capitalize on it by going with soft and neutral colors for a soothing and relaxing space, and if it is situated in a darker place, try using colors such as red and orange paired with soft warm lighting to create an intimate atmosphere.


It should also be possible to incorporate artworks, wall fixtures, and more to the office reception design to elevate its atmosphere.


Use an impressionable reception desk

As a focal point, it is only essential that the reception have an impressionable desk. It will (usually) be at the center of the area and the room element that most visitors will focus their eyes on. It welcomes people as they enter the office. The reception desk design can go from minimalist or modern, depending on the overall look of the reception area or identity of the company.


It is also important to keep in mind the organization and efficiency of the reception desk since it is also the receptionist’s working area. There should be enough space for them to move around at ease while they have all necessary items such as telephone, copying machine, filing cabinet and more within their working area. Furthermore, there should also be a space meant to store the receptionist’s personal belongings inside the reception desk and out of sight from the visitors.


Offer entertainment

Do not let your visitors be bored from waiting at the reception area. In addition to making their wait comfortable, it would be better to make it pleasurable even at the tiniest bit by providing some kind of entertainment. You may mount a television on the wall and play official copies of movies or tune in on a local channel. You may also choose to have speakers and play music instead.


Additionally, you may want to provide a Wi-Fi access for the visitors at the reception area so they can keep themselves busy with their phones or tablets as they wait. And if you expect your visitors to bring their little children to the office, you may want to consider having a mini playground within the reception area.


Putting candies and other treats on the table should also be great if you are aiming to give the visitors a homey feel. It might also be necessary to have a rack for wet umbrellas and coats by the door, or have plants and air fresheners to add liveliness to the atmosphere. It should also be okay to display your awards at the reception area, if you want.


For better results, it is best to ask a fit out contractor in the Philippines for help when planning on reception office design layout as well as seek services of a construction company in the Philippines to execute the design.


First impressions definitely matter, so keep in mind the points listed above and it should no longer be difficult to create a remarkable reception office design for your company’s office.

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