Building Your Dreams with Construction Services in the Philippines

by Jane Espinase | February 19, 2020

The modern office space has constantly evolved over the years. With new designs that lend to open and conducive working areas, to more diversified designs that create dynamic and energetic spaces, establishing a well-designed office space is important for any type of company or industry. You would want to create an area that has a great atmosphere and create the best working environment for you and your team. With the help of construction services in the Philippines, you would be able to have well-designed spaces for your company and build your dream office.


Construction Services Offered by Ellcad Premiere Construction Corp.

We at Ellcad will make sure we can make this happen by providing a complete office construction and design process. We will coordinate with you every step of the way, from pre-construction to post-construction, and create the best office spaces for companies and industries. Here are the services that we provide:



Pre-construction is the first major step of the entire building process. This is where the whole project is properly planned and organized before construction begins. Here are the steps that are done by Ellcad during the pre-construction process:


Actual Site Inspection

Before laying the groundwork on any building site, it is important to conduct an actual site inspection first. This is to check if the land is fit to be built on and identify any areas that can cause problems during the construction process itself. This allows Ellcad to effectively coordinate with their clientele and establish the scope of the whole project.


Design and Space Planning

Once the land has been deemed fit to build on, the design and space planning phase can now be done. Our talented team at Ellcad will be able to provide a diverse array of design proposals to the clientele. These designs are planned out by the team, along with crucial input from clients in order to make sure that their design choices and ideas would be seamlessly integrated into the project.


Cost Estimate

Aside from planning and inspection, calculating the overall cost of the project is also crucial. This would help your company and our team to identify the resources and materials that we need in order to build your project with the right intended specifications.


Permits and Licenses

No construction project can proceed without the necessary permits and licenses to operate. It is important to get trusted construction services in the Philippines like Ellcad that have the credentials to conduct these kinds of projects. Ellcad is a construction service in the Philippines with a team of licensed professionals equipped with the right tools and expertise to create your dream project.


Construction Preparation

Once the initial planning and budgeting processes have been accomplished, the construction preparation can now begin. This step involves gathering all of the necessary materials and equipment for the project to commence and begin construction. Ellcad will ensure that we have the right tools to make the project happen.



Once the pre-construction process has been accomplished, the main construction proper can now begin. This is the longest process, as the project can take months to finish depending on the size and scope. Ellcad ensures that all elements of construction would be covered, from establishing the foundations, to implementing internal and external works. Elements in the construction process include the following:


Engineering and architectural works

The building process begins by laying the framework of the office space. We at Ellcad ensure that these engineering and architectural works would be of the best quality, creating well-designed office spaces for your company.


Electrical and Mechanical works

After the primary office design and structure has been constructed, the next step is to install electrical and mechanical works. This includes setting up the wiring of the whole office, installing lighting fixtures, and adding structured cabling into the office.


Plumbing and sanitary works

It is important to make sure that an office space provides a healthy and hygienic environment for the people working. This means creating a plumbing network and establishing sanitary areas such as restrooms and pantries.



Security is important in the modern office. You would need to protect yourself against intrusion and other external factors such as fires and other natural events. This is why it is crucial to install the necessary safety and security systems in the office. These safety features include smoke detectors, door alarm systems, and automatic locks, all of which keep your office space secure.


Furniture supply

Once the primary office design and structure have been set-up, Ellcad can also supply office furniture. These include office chairs, executive tables, office desks, conference tables, pantry tables, partitions, cabinets, and steel lockers.



The process does not end after the office construction has finished. Ellcad will continue to coordinate with you to ensure that the post-construction process is properly executed and the final steps are accomplished.


As-Built Plans

It is crucial that every member of the office must be familiar with its layout and design. Ellcad will provide the as-built plans for the office, which are blueprints that detail the whole construction process and important locations.


Permits & Documentation

Once the office has been finished, companies must secure permits and documentation in order to operate legally. These include business permits and health and safety permits.


Site Turnover

After all of the processes have been accomplished, the site turnover can now be done so that the company can use the office. Ellcad will ensure that all steps are accomplished to ensure that the turnover process will proceed smoothly.


Build Your Dreams with Ellcad Premiere Construction Corp.

Building an office is a process that requires a lot of planning and design in order to create the most effective working space, which is why it is best to choose Ellcad Premiere Construction Corp. — a trusted construction service in the Philippines.


Founded in 2002 as JMJC Interior Products, an office furniture supplier, the company rebranded itself as Ellcad Premiere and became one of the most trusted fit-out contractors and office renovation contractor in the Philippines.


As an interior design firm in the Philippines, the company is committed to providing the best fit-out service, providing high-quality materials and furniture for offices, and offering quality designs for various companies. Besides having a licensed and professional team, Ellcad is also Certified by the Securities and Exchange board, and accredited by the Philippine Contractors Accreditation Board.


For more information about our services, you can click here to learn more. If you want to know more about how our process works, click here.

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