Fit out for a Growing Workforce

by Ellcad | November 29, 2018

Fit out for a Growing Workforce - Ellcad Premiere Construction Corporation

A lot of companies have offices that are not built for a sudden increase in workforce and this very problem can disrupt a potentially lucrative business milestone. The good thing is companies can now venture into office fit-outs that will expand the size of the actual office space and implement features that are ideal for a larger group of employees.


Before you avail a fit-out, however, you should understand the real reason for it and what you can gain from it in the future. As well as what fit-out elements you need to choose and what to maximize on to ensure a productive expansion of your company’s main beehive for business success. Below are some points you need to consider before you expand both your space and your workforce.


Evaluate if your company is fit for growth

Expanding an office space seem like a natural thing to do for business owners but do you really need it? Before you spend time and resources with a fit-out contractor in the Philippines, you will need to make sure that your business is ripe for more office space. Of course, there is the increasing number of employees. Are there a lot of works that cannot be disseminated better because of lack of labor force? Do the existing ones look cramped together? Do they have enough leg room to move around with? Are there employees who have no workstations rather improvising on tables and even bean bags?

Company Growth - Ellcad Premiere Construction Corporation



You will also have to look at your facilities. Is the kitchen and dining area able to accommodate the current number of employees? As well as the furniture and the equipment? How about the meeting rooms? Are there enough of them? Are rooms being substituted or being stand-ins for other purposes? Also, go beyond the interior and check the outdoor space. Is the parking space enough for your employees? Are there enough entrances for employees or even deliveries?


Lastly, you will need to know if you can afford it. One major indicator that your company is ready for growth is that you have solid returns and you are having larger clients to work with.


Plan your development

Now that you have evaluated your office and have decided it is ready for an expansion then the next thing to do is to plan the implementation. For this, you will have to work with a fit-out contractor in the Philippines by learning what the type of fit-out is the best for your improved office. You will need to know if there are enough spaces to extend as well as what divisions you are willing to demolish for brand new rooms. Learning the exact specifications of your office is also needed to further execute the plan.

Plan your Development - Ellcad Premiere Construction Corporation


During this time, you will also have to adjust your working times and even working areas. There can be disruption so it is recommended that you plan ahead. Coordinate with your employees on what their new schedule would be, what office items they will need to move, and what other disruptions they should expect during the fit-out process. If possible, you can relocate the entire team on a temporary workplace.


You should also realize that expanding your office for workforce does not necessarily mean extensive construction. You can make do by adjusting the placement of your equipment and workstations while doing a fraction of fit-out through a fresh paint job or replacement of materials used in your facilities.


Be ready for future expansions

There is nothing wrong with being ambitious when it comes to business! If you believe that your workforce will even get bigger in the future then get ready for inevitable expansions. However, make sure that you are setting realistic and feasible goals. Expanding too much without the assurance that you will get investment stability might hurt your entire business. If you can, do fit-outs when only necessary and do it on a slow pace so you will know what works and what does not. Testing the business first before going all out on a fit-out should be the first thing you need to do. This can also apply even if you have already done a fit-out but the workforce keeps on enlarging.


 Future Expansions - Ellcad Premiere Construction Corporation

Having more employees filling in workstations in your office is a clear sign that your company is thriving. Now it is your responsibility to ensure that there are enough spaces and resources to maintain and develop the business momentum.


Work with a reliable fit-out contractor in the Philippines today for your growing office fit-out needs!


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