Budgeting for an Office Fit Out

by Ellcad | March 20, 2018

Office Fit Out Budgeting Contractor Philippines

A number of offices are now seeking the services of a fit out contractor, especially in the Philippines, regardless of the nature of the company. This is perhaps because many businessmen discover that their offices need enhancement if they need a steady business routine. Employees and customers also rely on the aesthetics and functionality of the work area in evaluating if they’ll devote their time and resources in the company. After all, a well-designed and efficient office means good business.


If you’re interested in refurbishing your office space with the aid of a fit out contractor, you should know that an office fit out is an investment and every investment involves costs and expenses! Aside from the fees on materials and furniture, you’ll have to pore over labor costs, permits, licenses, and even the losses you might have if the business is stopped during the fit out execution.


Dedicate time for planning and budgeting to avoid bill shocks, overspending, and even unwanted debts. It will give you fair control of the process, making the fit out productive and stress-free just like how you wanted it to be. Below are some helpful points you can use:


1.   Identify the type of fit out right away

First, you need to gather the key people in your office and start determining the ideal fit out for your office space. You can go for cosmetics only or the renovation of surfaces or outward edifices. This usually involves:

  • Repainting of walls
  • Installing new floorings
  • Refurbishing of materials used in workstations
  • No drastic structural modifications


You can also opt for the contractor to do basic structures like rooms, ceilings, and toilets but they’ll leave the space considerably empty for the company to fill in with their own choices of furniture and other equipment.


Since fit out is very broad and can be customized based on personal preferences, you and your contractor can also agree on doing a turnkey project wherein everything will be achieved in the fit out – from the alteration of structures to the supplementation of furniture. Rest assured that there will be an appropriate fit out system available for your office space!


Fit Out Contractor Office Budget

2.   Consider the amount of time to spend

Once you’ve settled on the fit out for your area, you need to estimate how long the fit out will take. This is the first element to deliberate on to come up with the estimated total of expenses needed.


Estimate the duration based on the kind of fit out solution you need, then evaluate if the company can afford spending on the operation hours based on the rate charges of the fit out contractor you hired. Remember that a longer time period means bigger costs.


You can work with the office fit out contractor of your choice regarding the duration of the construction. Usually, fit out contractors in the Philippines provide evaluation services. They’ll inspect the space and discuss your visions about the office. During this process, you can talk about your proposed timeframe and the fit out contractor will collaborate with you to land on a final fitting scheme.


Estimating the duration for the fit out is practical because you can avoid the risks of overspending – a deadline gives you a goal to achieve and regulations to adhere.


3.   Measure the size of the space

The size of your property will affect your budget. Larger spaces, especially with lots of divisions, cost more than smaller ones and work areas with an open floor plan.


In addition, the cost will increase if you choose expensive but high-quality materials because their supply for installation double up. In this case, you can choose only a particular space that will undergo a fit out solution. You can also choose a smaller space if you’re relocating. Nevertheless, remember that these solutions can be risky! The moment your business blows up, your office space will be insufficient. This is why budgeting and planning with precision are truly essential.


4.   Have a clear vision of the design

Having a well-established concept of the design you’re targeting will help tremendously on budgeting and by that we mean having a tangible visualization of the fit out project. This doesn’t necessarily mean hiring a fit out contractor right away. You can do basic scribbles or ask for the assistance of a designer for a more professional blueprint.


When you see the designs visually, you’ll be able to weigh in what matters most or not. Then you can now work with a fit out contractor who’ll use their experience and skills to elevate your plans once you both agreed on a final design.

Fit Out Contractor Philippines Budgeting


5.   Browse the contracts properly

To preserve the budget you set, ensure that you’re getting the right deal from your fit out contractor, including the following:

  • Labor costs
  • Other minor fees
  • Assurance that the contractor’s fit out services will be completed successfully on time


Try to extract hidden charges as much as you can. You don’t want them to show up late in the process. Carefully peruse the documents you sign. You should also make sure that taxes are in place and those responsible for possible accountabilities are on check.


6.   Resume the business

Fit outs can either make a business continue its operations under certain conditions or stop temporarily to make way for the tasks. Evaluate your type of fit out. Will the construction hinder work greatly? Will important services like internet or air conditioning be down?


If working during fit out creation is manageable, it’s best to resume the business; but if it will hinder work, it’s better to halt the operations. As a major downside, you might lose business during the working days but after the fit out, there’s definitely a chance to recuperate the losses. If you really need to keep the business running, you can rent out a provisionary space adequate for the workforce.


After listing down the factors above, you and your team should make a rundown to arrive to the budget beneficial to the company and the office fit out that you all desire. Budgeting for a fit out might cause a headache, but focused planning and evaluation will pave for a successful fit out project!

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