Soaring High with MacroAsia Corporation: Headquarters Fit-Out Project

by Administrator | January 31, 2024

Here at Ellcad Construction Corporation we take immense pride in crafting exceptional fit-out projects, but some collaborations hold a special meaning. Working on the new headquarters of MacroAsia Corporation (MAC), a leading name in Philippine aviation support services, was one such privilege.


Why MAC Holds a Special Place in Our Portfolio:


MAC’s story resonates deeply with us. From its core businesses in in-flight catering, ground handling, and aircraft maintenance to its recent foray into water distribution and treatment, MAC embodies innovation, growth, and a commitment to serving the Philippines. Building their new headquarters meant creating a space that reflected these values, a space that would propel them further into the future.


Designing for Inspiration and Efficiency:


The new MAC headquarters, envisioned as a collaborative and dynamic hub, presented us with exciting challenges. We carefully crafted spaces that would:

  • Foster collaboration:Open floor plans, breakout areas, and modern collaboration tools encourage interaction and idea-sharing across departments.
  • Boost efficiency:Streamlined workflows and strategically placed workstations optimize productivity.
  • Reflect innovation:The design incorporates cutting-edge technology and sustainable practices, aligning with MAC’s forward-thinking vision.
  • Embrace wellbeing:Comfortable workspaces, ample natural light, and dedicated relaxation areas promote employee well-being and satisfaction.


More Than Just Construction:


Beyond bricks and mortar, the project represented a partnership. We worked closely with the MAC team throughout the process, ensuring their unique needs and aspirations were translated into reality. The final result is a space that not only reflects MAC’s brand identity but also empowers their employees and fuels their continued success.


Collaboration Creates Cohesiveness: Partnering with IEO Studio


For the MacroAsia Corporation project, we were thrilled to collaborate with IEO Studio, a renowned full-service Interior Design & General Contractor Firm. Their expertise in design and their proven track record in project execution made them the perfect partner to bring our client’s vision to life.


Are you looking for a fit-out partner who understands your vision and values innovation? Contact us today to discuss how we can help you create a space that reflects your brand and propels your success.


Together, let’s take off!

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