Traits of A Great General Contractor in the Philippines

by Jane Espinase | February 19, 2020

Your general contractor in the Philippines has the main responsibility of constructing, improving, and renovating your desired projects under a specific contract. They are the prime entity that manages different subcontractors and suppliers for your current project. They will make sure that you’re completely satisfied with the outcome of your project. However, not all contractors are the same. Some have different policies and strategies in their business to get you the results you want. You need to hire the one that’s able to bring you the best and more. To identify if you the company you’re looking at is a great general contractor, here are the traits you need to watch out for.


Great Brand Reputation

Start by researching and seeing if your general contractor is an established brand. When the brand has a great reputation, you can be assured of the quality of the service you’ll be getting. You’ll immediately know that your general contractor in the Philippines is legitimate if they have a strong presence and a great reputation. You can get your money’s worth and receive amazing results when it comes to your different projects. When a contractor doesn’t have a reputation at all, it can be as bad as actually having a bad one.


Branding is important for both the customer and the company. Without properly establishing this, businesses can’t expect any engagement from the customer. It’s much easier to trust a company with a good brand as compared to a poorly established business. Be sure to do your research and make it through. Conducting a full investigation can save you a lot of cash in the long run.


Wide Array of Services

Your general contractor in the Philippines is all about finding the right suppliers and subcontractors for you. As a client, you should find a contractor that can walk you through the entire process, from start to finish. Services should start with pre-construction. Pre-construction should include proper site inspection. This takes a look at your current project to see if the site is suitable for construction. To get the best aesthetics for your project, interior design and space planning should be another service your contractor should offer. Your contractor should be able to plan and create an open flow for your interiors for easy navigation and to be able to accommodate different interior designs.


Another important service to include is quantity and cost estimates for your project. They should be able to include important documents such as licenses and permits so you can get an accurate scope for your budget. Other services you need to watch for are:

  • Civil and architectural
  • Electrical
  • Mechanical
  • Structured cabling
  • Plumbing and sanitary
  • Fire safety
  • Auxiliary
  • Furniture supply
  • As-built plans, occupancy permits & documentation
  • Testing
  • Commissioning
  • Site turnover


Accommodating Management

When approaching a contractor, management should be able to accommodate you properly. When management is open to criticism and feedback from you, you can get much better results with the established trust. The management should be able to answer your questions and concerns. They should be able to provide you with high-quality materials, strategic space planning. Innovative interior designs, and top-quality services.


When you encounter bad management, your money could be mishandled and your project timeline can be messed up. The result may not be to your liking as some companies might overcharge you for low-quality services and materials. Your projected construction periods will be extended, which means more money will be needed. If you have a specific budget, you need a company that can effectively manage your funds and maximizes the service they offer.


When management is accommodating and professional, you know that you’re getting the best value for your money. Services and management that fail to exceed client expectations can’t expect much success. Your general contractor in the Philippines should know the risks and repercussions when managing their own company and other subcontractors. Management actively updates you and answers your questions in a timely manner, it shows that they’re dedicated to their customers and they have a sense of pride in their brand.


On-Time Fit Out Construction

Fit-out construction is designed to make spaces available for occupation. It relates to designing and completing an office space with client specifics. Properly installing components of your interiors plays a big role in the occupancy of the building and how the occupants will be impacted. Fit-out construction follows your plans and a good general contractor can help you achieve the best results.


Each task in fit-out construction ensures that your plans will be followed. If each process is successful, the project can be completed in your desired timeline with amazing results. Fit-out construction starts with a site inspection. The site inspection will ensure that the location is suitable for fit-out construction. Everything should be evaluated, from SWOT to the environment surrounding your location. After the site inspection, you will receive a space plan and design. This is where you can input your ideas for your dream space. The site inspection will be followed by a cost estimate, contracts, and schedules.


After settling your estimate, schedules, and contracts, your general contractor will process the necessary permits. To ensure free-flowing construction, permits are needed and fit-out construction from your contractor will cover this process. Once permits are received, the project will begin. The materials and hired subcontractors will begin construction on your space. Once everything is complete, your general contractor will wrap up all the work and turn it over for occupant use. Your fit-out construction will be completed with final documents such as occupancy permits, the commission of ownership, and testing. All of these processes are done in a timely manner when it comes to fit-out construction.

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