5 Ways to Increase Office Productivity

by Jane Espinase | March 25, 2020

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What are ways to increase office productivity?

  1. Align with Team Goals
  2. Improve Workplace Conditions and Interiors
  3. Provide The Right Tools and Equipment
  4. Issue and Take Breaks
  5. Determine and Eliminate Distractions Around the Workplace


You’ve probably heard about how one of the biggest factors to businesses and work success is through great and excellent productivity in the professional environment. Determining and defining productivity isn’t always based on the outcome of your work. You could reach your KPIs and achieve your goals, but the process of doing it equally matters.

With the right approach on how to increase office productivity, learning how to do things efficiently and effectively will benefit your team with growth and practical results. Productivity is a combination of many components and in order to improve that in the office, you’ll have to address and exert effort in these factors.


Align with Your Team Goals

Being a member of your team requires you to work with your peers on a daily basis to create the output of your goals and objectives. Setting and aligning with your team for your goals, is one of the keys to productivity. This gives you a clearer focus and direction on the path you’re taking and allows you and your teammates to pace yourselves accordingly. It also allows you to evaluate your setbacks and weaknesses along the way and how to create solutions for it. For ultimate productivity, place your goals together as a group, set milestones, and communicate with each other for updates and concerns.


Improve Workplace Conditions and Interiors

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How your workplace looks visually is a big factor that comes to play with office productivity. Your office design and its features can actually have an effect on how you get things done. In order to create an efficient and effective workflow at the office, its best to choose and place the best interiors within the environment that can inspire individuals to produce a high level of work and creativity.  Here are some interiors and conditions that can affect your workplace efficiency:

  • Lighting and colors: the color, strength, intensity, and exposure of lighting and colors in the office place affects the office atmosphere and mood. What kind of mood do you want to set for your workplace? Highly saturated and bright colors will create a stimulating effect while dark colors can be detrimental to employees working on a deadline.
  • Strategic placement of interiors and objects: ask yourself if the office setting is too crowded or too spacious, as these can affect working individual’s productivity.
  • Clutter and disorganized spaces: always remember to keep your space clean and tidy. Individuals tend to feel less organized, lazier and distracted when there are unnecessary components around.
  • Comfort: employees who are comfortable in their own spaces are more focused than those with unsupportive and seats.


Provide The Right Tools and Equipment

Whatever field of work you’re doing, having the right tools to getting things done will have employees work productively and efficiently. When employees don’t have the tools they need, they tend to burn themselves out in the long run by thinking of solutions to the best of their ability. Choosing the right tools will make their work so much easier and gives provides them a structured workflow. There are many software and tools out there that can accommodate your goals.


Issue and Take Breaks

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In the workplace, breaks are essential to employees’ physical and emotional productivity. Constant sitting in front of a computer screen or a desk puts you at higher risk for negative health effects. It’s best to issue breaks for employees for them to get up from their chair and stretch. Along the side, breaks can restore motivation in the workplace. It replenishes the mind and helps them stay more focused afterward.


Determine and Eliminate Distractions Around the Workplace

It can truly be tricky and challenging to stay focused at a busy office and distractions can negatively impact the quality of your work and won’t let you get things done on time. There are numerous things that can get you distracted in the office. It’s best to know the things that slow you down and find ways and solutions to eliminate them. These distractions can be unproductive people, online distractions, and clutter.


Key Takeaway

If you want to get things done more efficiently at the office, these ways on how to increase office productivity can come in handy for you and it will be much easier to get the job and work done! Try setting goals for your team and following it, issue and take breaks, and improve your workplace interiors. Here at Ellcad, we offer efficient fit-out services that help the productivity of your office space, click here for more!

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