Take Your Business To The Next Level With A Fit Out Interior Design Firm In The Philippines

by Jane Espinase | February 19, 2020

Whether you have a budding start-up business or an established company, having a proper office is important. Especially for any enterprise looking for success. As the saying goes, a successful business deserves an outstanding office. If you are looking for comprehensive office construction services, you shouldn’t just settle for a mere interior design firm. In the Philippines, fit out services like the one offered by Ellcad Premiere Construction Corp. have become more and more popular. Read on to find out why!

Fit Out Construction vs. Other Construction Services

If you are not too familiar with what fit out construction services in the Philippines is then it would be best to start with the definitions. While it can be easy to get it mixed up with other construction services, fit out is different from a renovation and a refurbishment. The three have specific purposes and involve different processes.


A fit out entails the transformation of an empty space into a well-designed office or workplace. The scope of a fit out includes the structural features of a workspace like the dimensions of specific rooms and the strategic placement of doors and windows. Fit outs also include ventilation, plumbing, heating, and other important pre-planned features. It doesn’t stop there, the installation of fixtures and furniture can also be part of the process.


In contrast, renovations typically refer to the restoration of something that is in poor condition. Meanwhile, refurbishment implies processes that involve cleaning, retrofitting, and adding new equipment to an already established space. It is also important to note that construction time-frames are different between the three services because fit outs take relatively longer to complete. Office fit outs can take up to several weeks or even months, while renovations and refurbishments can be completed in less time. However, the longer time frame guarantees higher quality changes.


Different Industries That Can Make Use Of A Fit Out Service

You might be unfamiliar with the whole fit out process, but there are already many industries that make use of our services. From finance companies, co-working spaces, BPO companies, and other tech-related enterprises. As long as a business or enterprise requires a new office, you can be sure that a fit out construction service is the best choice to achieve it.


The Ellcad One-stop Fit Out Process

If you are looking for a convenient and streamlined construction process, then our one-stop fit out process is for you. Ellcad Premiere Construction Corp. handles interior design and construction in the Philippines. Once you avail of our services, we will oversee and handle the entire process from start to finish.


Site Inspection

Our one-stop process begins with a very crucial step in the pre-construction phase. Inspecting a site of your choice will help us identify if the location is appropriate for your needs and if it’s suitable for a fit out. Inspecting should be a comprehensive procedure, which is why a SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) will be conducted as well. The surrounding environment and local weather will also be evaluated to give you a full picture of what your office will be like once you start occupying it.


Space Planning and Design

If the site is approved then the next step would be space planning and design. As a company that is more than just an interior design firm in the Philippines, we will give you deep insight and trendy suggestions. This is to help you find the most optimal spacing and design for your office.


Cost Estimation

After finalizing the design, we will also calculate the estimated cost of the entire project for you. This will include the cost of materials, equipment, and manpower that will be used. Contracts and schedules will also be finalized in this phase of the fit out process.


Document Processing

If you already have experience with this kind of thing, then you would know that lots of documentation and paperwork will be involved. We are aware of the hassles and headaches this can bring which is why the processing of important documents will be handled by us. This will include the necessary building permits and authorization that is needed to ensure a free-flowing construction process.


Project Implementation

Put simply, this phase is the implementation of the agreed-upon plan. The construction will begin and will be finished as soon as possible. This is when the architectural, mechanical, electrical, cabling, plumbing, and fire safety works are completed.


Project Turnover

After the initial construction is finished, the post-construction process begins. The office project will be turned over to our operations and maintenance team. They will add the finishing touches and make your building or office ready for occupancy.



In this final step of the one-stop fit out process, final documents and permits will be managed. This will be followed by the testing of all systems in your office. After that, the project will be turned over to the owners. And you’re done! Congratulations, you finally have an office space and/or workplace that is suitable for your organization.


Take Your Business to the Next Level with Ellcad!

Now you know some important information surrounding fit outs. What better way for you to take your business to the next level than by working with Ellcad Premiere Construction Corporation!


We are more than just an interior design firm in the Philippines. Established in 2002, Ellcad Premiere Construction Corp. goes beyond traditional construction services and handles your office fit out from start to finish. As a fit out contractor, Ellcad employs dedication, honesty, and creativity in all of its endeavors. With our experienced team of hands-on specialists and a good set of core values at heart, the best quality of work is ensured every single time.


Given the importance of having a well-designed office, ensuring that you get a suitable one should be one of your priorities. When it comes to fit outs, there is no better contractor to trust than Ellcad Premiere Construction Corp.


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