20 Years – Stronger Than Yesterday

by Jane Espinase | October 2, 2022

Customized Ellcad shirt, bottled wine, laughs and similar faces, that is how we celebrated our 20thanniversary


Our theme “20 years STRONGER” says a lot about us. Firstly, being individuals who are slowly getting to that maturity stage wherein minds are getting settled day by day.


Why are we here today? Main answer aside from Income is because of the people that we care about. Our workers that remained loyal with or without project, our staff who never lose faith on the company, and our management who shared half of their life to the company.


Ellcad is not just a company that consists of day to day job & corporate rules. Ellcad is a company with a big heart and is striving daily to become better and stronger.


Our 20th marks our 2nd decade in the business, very thankful to our Lord that we are still here and we are growing and expanding.


Kudos to our boss who is the soul of Ellcad, without her, we haven’t achieved any of this.


Wrapping up this story by telling our clients that we will do our utmost best to serve you with what we always promise— building your dreams with passion.


Cheers to 20 years Ellcad!

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