Happy 21st Anniversary Elcad Construction Corporation

by Eliza Maquirang | August 19, 2023

In celebration of our 21st company anniversary, we decided to inspire our team with a message—EXPANDING HORIZONS


As we feel that our Philippine economy is vastly running at its highest peak, we feel the importance of the fit-out construction industry to support the office fit-out needs of our foreign investors and SME’s.


As a fit-out contractor in the Philippines, our construction company will be your reliable partner in support to having an efficient, cost friendly and workable office space for the employees of which will be the backbone of the business.


Elcad Construction Corp., as the remarkable Office fit-out construction company is looking at Expanding Horizons by slowly tapping investors outside Metro Manila.


We are so glad seeing that our team’s hard work is appreciated by our clients which is why we managed to be in the business for 21 years.


Here’s to helping more companies design and build their future office space!


Here’s to the passionate and dedicated group of people in supporting this!

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