6 Things You Need To Consider Before Building Your Dream Office

by Jane Espinase | May 13, 2021

As an employer, we want to keep our employees competent and inspired in the workplace. Building an office is one way to do so. It’s essential to keep the balance between aesthetics and functionality of your office space. Additionally, you need to incorporate the style with your company branding to create the whole vibe for your office.


Here are some tips to consider if you’re planning to build your dream office.

1. Wall Paint Color

Studies show that colors affect one’s mood. Before deciding color combinations for your walls, it’s also important to consider how the room will feel with the chosen colors.

Using bright and subtle colors with dark accents for your wall can create a good atmosphere.


It’s also important to consider what paint finish you’ll be using. Matte finishes absorb light while Gloss finishes reflect light. If you want something in between, you can opt for a semi-gloss finish.


2. Lightning

Lighting and color schemes go hand in hand. Choosing the right lighting can complete the whole ambiance of the workplace. You need to keep the right brightness so it’s not too dim nor too bright that can sometimes strain one’s eyes.


Natural lighting can also help a lot. Try to get as much as possible. It can provide a calm and welcoming environment that affects your employees’ productivity.

3. Furniture

Comfortability, quality, functionality & affordability are the first things you need to consider in choosing your furniture. And it should also be aesthetically pleasing to match the style of your whole office. Research can be of great help but if you’re not in the same field, it can be hard choosing the right furniture. Consulting a professional is always the best option. We here at Ellcad can help you design the right furniture for you.



4. Storage

Whether you’re a startup or an established company, you produce tons of paper for your operations daily. If you don’t have a cleaner in your office, it can be hard to keep it clean. Important documents might get mixed up and misplaced if not stored properly. That’s why having a storage area is also essential to keep your office neat and tidy.


There are a variety of storage cabinets you can choose from. Starting from a mobile pedestal for your staff, file cabinets, shelves & lockers. You can also opt for a customized file cabinet to fit the area of your choice.



5. Indoor Plants

Incorporating indoor plants in your office interior design has a lot of great benefits. It can improve the well-being of your employees mentally and physically. It can filter our toxins from the area and help freshen up the mood.


It can also increase productivity from your employees. Studies show that having plants in your workplace helps you stay focused.

5. Breakout Area

Toxicity from work is unavoidable. Sometimes taking a 15-minute break from your desk is needed. If you have enough space and a budget, put a breakout room in your office. It’s a way to help your employees to relax for a moment if things go crazy. Some things you can put there are – Billiards table, Ping-Pong table, Dart boards, Air hockey table, Massage chairs or any stress relieving activity. It’s not necessary for an office but It can be of great help for your employees.


Having these in your office interior will surely improve your employees’ well-being and productivity. Make sure to consider this in planning your dream office in the future!


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