8 Office Branding Ideas To Differentiate Your Business

by Jane Espinase | April 23, 2020

office interior

What are good office branding ideas to differentiate a business?

  1. Repaint and freshen up the walls
  2. Unique furniture
  3. Make your mission statement visible
  4. Let individuals personalize their spaces
  5. Highlight attractive outdoor views
  6. Position your interiors properly
  7. Welcoming entryways
  8. Consider open office environments


Looking for office branding ideas? Establishments across the globe through modernization are spreading like wildfire. Strict market competition has made brands almost indistinguishable from one another. Hence, emerging businesses face the challenge of establishing uniqueness that will make them stand out in the competitive market and entice customers as well as stakeholders.

Ensuring that your office speaks volumes about your brand’s values, purpose, and identity is essential. Aesthetic elements should be a powerful live representation of your brand’s image. This not only boosts the entire workplace’s ambiance and mood for the employees but also attracts customers to get an immediate grasp of your brand through your office design.

Excellent office branding boosts company identity, increases employee’s productivity, and generates profitability. Indeed, interior execution is not only a luxury but has become an essential element of business differentiation. Here are some great ideas you can incorporate into your office:


Repaint and freshen up the walls

Walls not only set up the overall mood of interior space but of its inhabitants as well. Appropriate colors deliver positive psychological impacts. Break free from conventional monotonous tones and integrate color schemes according to your business. Add a touch of creativity by applying wall decor, may it be your company’s mission vision statements or some motivational phrases to uplift the employees.

From minimalist to contemporary designs, you could choose from applying monochromatic hues to setting up accent walls. Whether you decide to go after modern design or a more edgy approach, walls make up the vastness of interior space. Its overall theme will improve the workplace environment and corporate image.


Unique furniture

conference room

A company’s color schemes provide a general identity for its corporate culture, but its meticulous choice of furniture speaks of its uniqueness. They provide a compelling sense of art which adds to the distinctiveness of the visual space. The artistic and creative options are limitless.

One could be bold enough to go after unconventional-looking couches or elegant enough to go after intricately carved wooden chairs. Investing in innovative furniture is a key component in building a brand’s concept. From traditional to diverse designs with a contemporary spin, your furniture choice would surely transform your workplace.


Make your mission statement visible

Office work can be hectic, but going around the workplace and seeing your company’s mission statement can be highly motivating. Go for traditional or modern calligraphy. Be creative enough to make the statement more appealing and place it over a high-traffic area.


Let individuals personalize their spaces

office desk

Give your employees the freedom to promote healthy relationships. Let them fill their desks with their favorite colors or with polaroids of their friends and families. Empower them because individual personalities make up the distinctness of the company as a whole.


Highlight attractive outdoor views

Picturesque views not only spice up interior beauty but are also psychologically healthy. Provide your office with views of the skyline and a visible sunset. This interior aspect even allows a jaw-dropping impression to customers or stakeholders and a soothing workplace for your employees. If you opt for glass walls overlooking the city or the far-off mountains, one could never forget a workplace with a killer view. This would invariably leave a remark that would make your office brand distinguished.


Position your interiors properly

Incorrectly positioning your interiors could establish clashing and inappropriate ambiance. Out-of-place interior designs would seem disturbing and all over the place instead of stylish.

For proper positioning, desks should be placed diagonally across from the doorway to provide a clear line of vision. You should also ensure that the seating area, with sofas and tables in your office is separate from workstations. Strategically position the furniture to render harmony in your workplace.


Welcoming entryways

office lobby

The “first impressions last” mantra never goes out of style. Don’t fail your interiors with disappointing entryways. Make the facade of your office powerful yet inviting. Consider how your clients or employees would feel the moment they step into the office. Generate a spectacular experience like no other and make people remember your brand the moment they walk into your physical space.


Consider open office environments

open office

Office designs impact the culture of the workplace. Open office layouts where individuals sit next to each other are believed to promote collaboration, better communication, and improved teamwork. Hence, if you are opting for a company image with its people as its strength and key component, an open office space environment could be enormously beneficial.


Key takeaway

Having a unique visual identity is one way to break free from monotony. The idea of differentiation greatly determines a brand’s success. This appeal to aesthetics and uniqueness should not only be reflected in products but should go as far as the interior space. Next time you revamp your office design, make sure to incorporate these office branding ideas which will help establish your brand’s uniqueness.

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