Developing the Ideal Working Environment Through Interior Design and Construction in the Philippines

by Jane Espinase | February 19, 2020

Full facility space planning is a modern office design concept delivered by reliable contractors that specializes in interior design and construction in the Philippines. With fit-out services, your business develops the ideal working environment with employees working comfortably improving both their health and productivity. Learn about the benefits of hiring professional fit-out services, the furniture your office should have, as well as discover the designs most suitable for the type of your business.


Benefits of Professional Fit Out Services

Office design and set-up require space planning in order to instill productivity in the workplace. With that in mind, here are some of the benefits your business will reap through the help of a reliable fit-out contractor with knowledge and expertise in interior design and construction in the Philippines.


Establishes a Company Image

Every aspect of your business represents your branding and image. From your staff and employees to your office space. Your business can establish credible branding through interior design and fit-out services. A reliable fit-out service provider should be able to provide your business with the best professional image possible. If you wish to make your office inviting, integrating fit-out services should render you a tidy and clutter-free office through space planning and interior design. Your company will be able to convey its identity to the market with a well thought of design and architecture.


Optimizes Office Floor Space

Fit-out services offer businesses office space improvements. Particularly, adding new spaces to the office or maximizing the existing ones. A workplace with maximized space opens opportunities for collaboration and teamwork which tremendously benefits a business. Take note of your existing functions and meeting rooms. Is the space adequate to hold an entire department or a team? Do the pieces of office furniture present comfort and professionalism for meeting purposes? If not, then consider obtaining fit-out services. A remarkably clean and professional office can boost employee productivity.


Saves Resources

Apart from capital, your business can also save plenty of space in the office that could be used for other operational aspects. While seeking any type of service to improve office space sounds expensive, it can present a viable capital savings plan. The expertise that fit-out services provide you could depend on your budget as well as the needs of your office. You will find a project or furniture system that fits the daily operational tasks of your business. With that, you save a lot of money and space.


Increases Employee Satisfaction


As much as fit-out services are experts in furnishing and maximizing office spaces, they are also empathetic of their client’s company culture. With plenty of years working with different industries, they possess a deeper understanding of the business aspects. They can expertly remake any typical office space or working environment and increase passion within the office walls through space planning and interior designing.

The positive results of a great office are not only limited to your guests and clients. Your employees and staff benefit from the cleanliness of a well-planned working environment. A comfortable and clutter-free office maintains professionalism in the workplace.


Furniture Fit Out Your Business Should Have

With Ellcad, a reliable fit-out services contractor that offers services in interior design and construction in the Philippines, you can transform your entire office into the ideal workplace. Increase the productivity of your workers through a clean and clutter-free office. Here are some of the office furniture fit-out systems you can choose from.


Seating System

From comfortable accent chairs to functional gang chairs, you will find every type of chair for your business with Ellcad Premiere. The reliable fit-out contractor in the Philippines offers a wide range of seating systems. For workplaces, you can choose from several ergonomic chairs like mesh, clerical, midback, and highback chairs. Moreover, make your lobby and waiting areas more attractive and comfortable with accent chairs such as ottomans and foam padded chairs. Other chairs include barstools and high chairs perfect for pantries. If you are looking for more functional chairs to be placed outside the office, gang chairs present a comfortable lounging seat for visitors waiting.


Desk System

Ellcad desk systems include coffee tables, freestanding and pantry tables, as well as conference tables. Fit-out freestanding tables go well with mesh and mid-back chairs. These pieces of furniture are essential in accomplishing daily office tasks. The tables offer plenty of storage for papers and other office supplies. On the other hand, executive offices call for L-shaped tables and high back chairs. Coffee and side tables, as well as pantry tables, are also available to increase collaboration between colleagues.


Filing System

Varied pieces of furniture for a clutter-free filing system are also provided by Ellcad. It includes mobile pedestals, lockers, and cabinets. Most are made of durable and high-quality steel to fit other office furniture. The filing cabinets are customizable to accommodate your preferences. As a valued client, you are offered surface options as well as colors. Choose from glossy or matte surfaces and assorted colors to match your other office furniture.


Partition System

Ellcad’s office partition panels range from an accordion, operable wall, and laminated partition used to create cubicle types of desks. Partition systems are utilized to effectively segregate areas in the workspace while preventing total isolation. They are designed to declutter files and provide better work organization. Choose from varied partition panel finishes like wood, glass surface, and circle or square perforated.


Reception Desks


For your reception area, welcome your visitors, guests, and clients with Ellcad’s professional reception desks. Opt for a granite-finish reception desk for a touch of antiquity or a laminated top reception counter to instill a sophisticated and robust atmosphere in your lobby. If you are looking for functional and minimalist reception desks, go for a solid surface top that goes well with architectural fit-out interior design.

Types of Fit Out Designs

In the Philippines, interior design and construction types include industrial, contemporary, minimalist, and urban modern. Transform your office into a productive, professional, and lively working environment with Ellcad’s fit-out designs and inspirations.



For IT solutions companies, advertising agencies, and media-related businesses, the industrial interior fit-out design remains the perfect office space design. Industrial design takes professionalism on a more serious note with its strong and clean lines. It uses neutral colors such as shades of gray and taupe. While this type of fit-out design uses neutral colors, it is not restricted to muted tones as long as it is not overdone. To increase the comfortability of the workspace, accent furniture can be added.



The contemporary interior fit-out design closely compares with industrial when it comes to strong lines, simple shapes, curves, and clutter-free furniture. The only difference between the two is that contemporary design is more open to bold and vibrant accent colors. The neutral colors of furniture are commonly paired with bold accessories to add interest within the space. Contemporary fit-out services are most suitable for BPOs, logistics, engineering, health care, travel agencies, and manufacturing offices.



Minimalist or architectural interior fit-out design promotes clean and tidy spaces. The color white remains the best option which symbolizes cleanliness. Natural shades and vibrant colors can be added into the color palette without overpowering each other. With white being the major color, moderate lighting is installed to make the space appear more relaxing. This fit-out design suits IT solutions, cybersecurity, and other technology-related offices.


Urban Modern

Casual yet homey with softer styles and brighter hues, the Urban Modern fit-out design perfectly suits travel agencies, condominiums, and food businesses. It makes use of bricked walls and rugged wood flooring or wall lining. The pieces of furniture are soft-looking and cozier compared to the rest of the fit-out designs. Neutral colors, as well as vibrant and bold hues, are infused to create a professional yet relaxed atmosphere.


Partner with Ellcad for enhanced space planning and office design that will bring life to your workplace!

When looking for construction services in the Philippines, remember that the interior design of any office space is a fundamental key to a workplace’s productivity. Employees work better in a clean and professional working environment. From ergonomic chairs, functional desks, and comfortable pantry stools as well as office conference tables, promote collaboration and teamwork within your company for increased overall productivity. Obtain the most suitable interior fit-out design that matches your business with Ellcad, a reliable general contractor in the Philippines that specializes in interior design and construction.

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