Characteristics of Philippine Workplace Culture

by Jane Espinase | March 20, 2020

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What are the characteristics of Philippine Workplace Culture?

  1. Family Structure
  2. Hospitable and Accommodating
  3. Hardworking and Productive
  4. Distinct Way of Communication


In aligning with the saying that “it is more fun in the Philippines” people from around the world have noticed, commended, and expressed their observation on this country’s diverse culture. From its world-class beaches and communities to even the Philippine workplace culture. Working in the Philippines will undoubtedly give you a one-of-a-kind experience for good and unique reasons. Almost all Filipinos grow up with similar values and traditions, and this is why their characters and personalities are practiced everywhere, even in the workplace.

The certain culture that they have constituted has not only made them distinct but has also lead them to be one of the most attractive personalities for foreign businesses to invest in. So what is it like to be working with Filipinos? Read on for the familiar characteristics of Philippine workplace culture:


Family Structure

All families surely possess their own and particular traditions. However, most Filipino families retain a distinct way of establishing their foundation, and that is through their family-like traditional values. Filipinos cling to the belief and value of family dearly, and this attitude can positively be seen in the workplace.

Being with a community and team of Filipinos in the workplace makes you see how they equally value sociable relationships and respect in their lives. Because of this, they are easy to approach, outgoing, and polite. Some employ terms you can hear in the Filipino household such as “Kuya” or “Ate” to older authority figures. It is natural for Filipinos to have the people that surround them every day be treated like family or want a strong bond with their peers.


Hospitable and Accommodating

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It is highly perceived worldwide that Filipinos are hospitable and accommodating. It is one of the most notable things about them and their culture. It has labeled them to be the happiest and friendliest nation. This is a tremendous advantage for almost all workplaces because it easily breaks the wall of shyness. They will positively welcome you and make you feel at home. Working with Filipinos will have you instantly make you warm up to your surroundings in a shorter span of time because they are incredibly easy to get along with. They will always lend you a helping hand, always find ways to ease up tension when stress arises, and will encourage you out in the best way they can.


Hardworking and Productive

There are many factors that affect the productivity of the workflow in the office such as the interior space, technical factors, personal circumstances, to name a few. One of the greatest reasons why investors eye on the Philippines for business is because of its tremendous work ethic and Filipino’s hardworking and productive personalities carry out a huge role in this.

No matter what the field of work may be, Filipinos are known worldwide to be excellent team members and a valued asset to any working community. This is because they value hard work and sometimes even deliver more than what is expected. This makes them responsible, dependable, and trustworthy. They also demonstrate broad tolerance to high-pressure situations and work their way around it by coming up with efficient formulas and solutions.


Distinct Way of Communication

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Aside from their hospitable traits that are brought upon the workplace, Filipinos additionally obtain a distinct way of communicating with each other. Although English and Tagalog are widely spoken by most people in the workplace, Filipinos maintain a respective way of addressing their older peers or supervisors with their famous “po” and “opo”.

Lastly, because English proficiency is well entrenched in Filipinos, they are infinitely adaptable. Because of this, Filipino workers absorb tasks and demands easily and efficiently.


Key Takeaway

It is clear to see that Philippine workplace culture has carved out a place worldwide for their unique personalities in the community. Their family values and work ethic has made them one of the most trustworthy and hardworking personalities worldwide today. This reputation continues to carry on and is being embraced worldwide.

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