Office Design to Attract Millennials

by Ellcad | July 16, 2018

Office Design to Attract Millennials - Ellcad Premiere

Millennials are classified as people born from the early 1980s to the late 1990s. They are also known as the generation who are impulsive, has shorter attention span, and are swift to jump from one career to another. Unfortunately, some of these employee traits are unideal for businesses, especially for start-ups or small-to-medium sized business.


On the other hand, even if they can be impulsive, millennials are independent, hardworking, intuitive, resourceful, and innovative—employee traits which are needed to make a company grow. To help you keep these advantageous young minds in your company, you must think as a millennial when designing your office with the help of a construction company in the Philippines. The working environment plays a large role in making millennials stay in their job!


Make a literally attractive office

A lot of millennials have a strong affinity for art and other media for creativity. You can use this idea when designing an office where a lot of millennials will be working. A cool-looking office that is also functional and comfortable should stimulate the senses and make millennial employees quickly attracted to it.


This can be achieved by incorporating popping colors, experimenting on symmetries, and adding unconventional but useful features. The Google Headquarters in New York is a great example of this as it combines wooden and industrial walls, vibrantly colored flooring and ceiling, and inventive furniture such as gondolas as cubicles and hammocks for lounging.


In the Philippines, Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) companies seem to follow the trend of offices abroad. You can enlist the help of a reliable BPO fit out contractors in the Philippines if you are an emerging BPO company!


Turn the office into a cozy home

While not yet proven, laziness is also frequently attributed to millennials and it’s challenging to keep them motivated if the office looks like a standard, featureless space. If you can’t invest on making it an attractive office, you can add areas that will emulate the comfort of home. Right from the reception, make them feel welcome by including cozy loungers and stylish granite reception counters.


You can also add an adequate kitchen set, areas for relaxing complete with sofas and coffee tables, furnished and working restrooms, and even recreational features such as game consoles, ping-pong tables, and simple board games.


Make millennials move

Since most millennials are active youngsters, implement a fit out solution that enables them to walk around to their content with the opportunity to work whatever section of the office they find themselves in still accessible. This can be implemented by planting fit out barstools fixed on high tables or a fluffy beanbag one could dive into. Moving and working on dynamic settings promotes healthier work attitude beneficial to a productive office.


Use brand new technology

If you hire millennials as your employees, you need to make sure that you’re using the latest equipment and devices because as a generation who are used to advanced technology, they will never be satisfied with outdated solutions.


Updated computers, steady internet connection, cloud-based networks, smart systems, and secured platforms are some of the latest technology you should catch up on to attract millennials.


Create room for collaboration

Allowing easy access for socializing can also mean business. Millennials love discussing and mixing ideas to form resolutions so ensure that you have floor plan that is open enough for people to roam around. While this is so, office partition panels and walls should also be focused on as private collaboration is still important to millennials for a more in-depth kind of meetings.


Be open for new possibilities

A millennial’s world is fast-paced and your office should be flexible enough keep up with the imminent changes. Still, as a company with its own set of values and missions, you shouldn’t lose your essence just to cater to a particular age group. You just need to find the balance between being genial to novel ideas and dedicated to your own principles.


For example, if you want a company that is eco-friendly, you should include biophilic office design features without alienating millennials. A company with its own identity that is eager to recognize diverse generational cultures will excite professional millennials!


Millennials are always on the edge of pursuing their goals. Be a part of their journey by helping them develop in the office they are in!


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